31 Years

There are several details I remember from this day in 1985.

Barely a month earlier, I finished my education at Drake University and was looking for a full-time job in radio news.

The Monday prior to the 26th was my first day at KJJC radio in Osceola, Iowa as their news and farm director.

My college roommate was the best man for the wedding and Scott prepared by reading Emily Post's book on Etiquette to be sure he covered all the bases.

There was a very low-key get together for the groom's father and the groomsmen and a very nice and simple rehearsal dinner the evening before.

On the day itself, Scott and I went to breakfast then got dressed so we could be at the church by 11 in time for the official photos.  Those were taken by another friend of mine, Chris, who was also a student in Drake's Journalism School.

My good friend, Ken, showed up after navigating through a snowstorm for almost six hours.  Both grandparents were there, and so were aunts, uncles, and cousins.

As the ceremony began there were lots of thoughts flashing in my mind.  About how blessed I was and wondering what on earth we were doing.

In 1985, it seemed like we knew a lot and weren't young at all.  Looking in the rearview mirror, 31 years later it's almost funny how young (21 and 20) we were at the time.

We dated nearly 2 years and were engaged for 13 months.

It was for the best we couldn't see everything waiting for us outside the doors of the church, but it's been a blessed journey through richer, poorer, sickness, health, better, and worse.

It seems no couple gets married for 31 years.

Instead, it's a wedding which lasts one day at a time - 11,323 and counting.

Happy Anniversary dear!