Winter's Here

Winter is sneaking in the back door.  There isn't any snow on the ground and there is more mercury in the thermometer than usual.

So, it enters under cover of darkness while most of us engage in our only defense against winter... an extra quilt on the bed, two socks in our shoes, gloves, and a hat.

The 22nd is our first full day of winter and it's a precise 8 hours of daylight.  Four minutes less than yesterday.

But starting Wednesday we will get a little more sunshine every day for the next seven months.

The change of season poems:

Winter has arrived
It's cold and dark, ice cold. 
Spring is coming soon.


We bundle up to go outside,
Indoors we drink hot tea.
Nighttime comes too soon.
Tis a time for sleep and
Eating comfort food until
Rest beckons us again.