Winter Driving

It's just our second winter weather "event," and from the looks of things you might conclude it's our first.  Ever.

Three inches of snow, some freezing rain and sleet should never come as a surprise to Wisconsinites.

Yet, here we are.

Since it was more than a month since our last snow; maybe we forgot that both the shiny wet stuff and the white wet stuff can make it tough for our vehicles to find their footing.

During the snow I had a cross-town trip to make over the fabled Beltline and a section of I-90/39. Judicious speeds on the snow covered four lane roads were in the upper 30s.  At that pace, everyone was moving along without incident.  It takes longer, but we can all get there.

Last week, on dry pavement, I came to a stop for a red light.  The large SUV behind me swung into the vacant adjacent lane, accelerated and sped through the red light.  And the next one not a half-block further up the road.

Perhaps behind the wheel was a surgeon on the way to emergency surgery or a nervous dad to be driving a very expectant wife to the hospital with high hopes of getting there before their child made an early appearance.

Since we are nearly done with 2015 and sliding into the heart of the winter season - here's an admonition and reminder for all of us to take it easy, allow a little more time, and drive a bit more carefully.

It will be much nicer if all of us can get where we wish to go.