Time to Bake!

It's "Bake Cookies Day."

Which seems appropriate with an overflowing tray of holidays, office parties, and gatherings at home with friends and family.

In the last couple of weeks I've attended two lunch meetings and the treats were Christmas cookies.

Some were in the shape of snowmen or trees while other cookies on the plate were the reliable chocolate chip and sugar varieties.

Maybe my favorite holiday time cookie is the peanut butter blossom.  It doesn't say Merry Christmas in its appearance; it does in every bite.

Just nibbling around the life preserver of peanut butter cookie so I can rescue the imperiled Hershey's Kiss is a holiday treat.

Since this day is about baking it seems like a good time to assess our skill sets.  Some are good or aspiring bakers while others have perfected the skill of eating cookies.

I suggest giving baking your best shot and be ready to enjoy the holiday goodies set before you!