Risk Management

Winter days bring risk.

Going for a run? Driving a car?  Both can be risky.

Even a walk is a risky proposition, you might fall and get hurt.

It seems like we're talking a lot about risk these days.

Maybe it's a sign of the times.  I believe my parents, grandparents, and those that came before them knew there was risk involved with activities, but went ahead.

Current conversations of risk involve professional football. Players understand and generally "sign-off" on the idea their knees could be shredded or injuries could mean they may not be able to lift their arm shoulder high.

But the risk of early dementia and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) could dramatically impact their lives years after hanging up the cleats.

I agree with the efforts to reduce the risk, but highly doubt we can get rid of the risk entirely.

Most of us are most at risk driving to and from home each day.  Some of us have jobs which place us at risk.

One of my favorite shows is Deadliest Catch, a program about the dangerous crab harvests on the Bering Sea.  Mining is incredibly dangerous.  It could explode, it might collapse, and the dust and airborne particles might germinate into a deadly disease years later.

You name it, it's risky.

Going to school or a holiday party can be risky; as we've learned through recent events.

The office party invitation in San Bernadino was for fun and a time of togetherness - the only risk anyone might of considered was too many calories.

My point isn't to avoid risk or ignore it.  Instead I believe we are constantly acting as our own risk managers.  We may avoid eating a whole pint of delicious custard for fear we won't fit in our pants, or we might decide driving cross-town after midnight New Year's Eve is not a smart choice when there could be a lot of drinking and driving going on.

Those groups and individuals who wish to terrify us into retreating inside our shell hope to rule our minds through intimidation.

As a person who admittedly is afraid of so many things; I'm afraid of the consequences for each of us and our country if we allow the fear of what might happen to keep us from reaching for what we might achieve.

I hope, personally, for you, and for our country - we consider the risks while continuing to move ahead.