Return or Exchange Day

It's the day after Christmas.  Another major shopping day in America.

Thousands of people, hundreds of thousands, will be standing in front of you in line waiting to return or exchange the ill-fitting clothing for something else.

It's also a big day for people to try out the gift cards which replaced large boxes covered in wrapping paper with small envelopes.

I have one gift card to try out and combined with a coupon will hopefully turn into a nice sweatshirt or cap.  (I can never have enough caps.)

The return game with it's gift receipts and wrong sizes virtually guarantees a long wait at the store, so be prepared.

(Here's a quick note for gift buyers purchasing clothes for friends or loved ones - if you aren't sure of the size, guess smaller than you think.  You may be wrong, but do you want someone to believe you think they wear 4-X?)

This year for Christmas I received some very nice gifts: a bluetooth speaker, a Milwaukee Bucks cap, Brewers t-shirt, lots of cookies, and slippers.  The shirt and slippers fit just fine, so I won't be in line today.

In fact I think I'll wait a day or two before venturing inside a mall with that little gift card.

May you have many happy returns.