Packers Memo - Thorough Defeat

38 - 8 doesn't even begin to describe the dismantling of the Packers performed late yesterday by the Arizona Cardinals.

Once upon a time, Curly Lambeau, the Packer's founder, left the team when he wanted an ownership stake and joined the Cardinals who then played in Chicago.

Maybe Curly had a bit of 70 year old revenge up his sleeve.

Just the same, this was one complete victory by the Cards.

Aaron Rodgers was sacked 8 times.  The offense fumbled 5 times; the Cardinals recovered three of them and took two back for touchdowns.

The Packer offense started slow, failing to put any points up in the first half.  There was one score in the second half on a short pass from Rodgers to Eddie Lacy who ran it in (Rodger's 30th TD pass of the year).  Another second half drive died inside the three.

The Cardinals are the best team the Pack has played in weeks, and hopes were high that Green Bay, was getting its act together with consecutive wins.  The recent wins weren't pretty, but they were victories.

This defeat can't be sugar-coated.

It was an ugly, ugly loss.

Still, Green Bay is in the play-offs and a win away from repeating as NFC North Division champs with a home win over the Minnesota Vikings next Sunday.

As a long-time Packer fan who has enjoyed all the success since 1992, I'll admit that Packer fans like me don't get as excited about Division titles the way we did in the past.  As someone put it last week, it's not called "playoff town."

So, Titletown and Packer fans in Wisconsin and around the world are re-grouping.  The team - players and coaches are getting their heads together.

More than ever this season, the faithful in Lambeau next Sunday should be in full-throat and ready to do so the following week in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

In the playoffs, it only takes three wins to take home the trophy which belongs in Green Bay.

It seems like a long-shot today, but there is a chance, and we'll take and hopefully run with it.  Go Pack!