Packers Memo - Escaping the Black Hole

10 and 5 after a water-logged 30 -20 victory over the Oakland Raiders in a Super Bowl II rematch, the Green Bay Packers can look forward to drying out in the desert next week.

Two early interceptions left their mark.  The first, by Micah Hyde, set up the first Packer touchdown.

The second pick,, by Demarious Randall, made it 14 nothing, Pack.  Easy-peasy... right?   Wrong.

From there, Oakland outscored the Packers 20 - 3.

However, eve though the Raiders took the lead in the third quarter, it felt like the Packers were playing better on both sides of the ball in stanza number 2.

The offense found some rhythm and at least moved the ball better, however, they were left with just one touchdown on the day and three field goals. 

It seemed like the kind of game the team could have lost when their mojo and "want-to" missed the flight in from Austin Straubel International Airport.  Just a year ago, the Packers lost in Buffalo to a team they were expected to beat.  Finding a way to win, to grit one out, is more important than style points earned in a blow-out win.

From what I'm noticing, the Packers are still putting things together and not yet firing on all cylinders.  With two games left the team's arrow is pointing up.

I choose to look at the positives of having work to do instead of trying to hold everything together while hoping the finish line moves towards us.

By its very nature, football is a week to week, play to play game - there are no certainties.  A  week ago, Cincinnati felt good about their playoff hopes.  The their quarterback was hurt while making a tackle.  Now they just want to hang on.

Two games to go.  Two opportunities to improve.   Let's go Pack!