I think we all made ornaments as children.

Those color paper chains with loop locking into the one before and after it added color to the tree or across the top of classrooms and doorways.

Ornaments can be made to look like cookies, but don't take a bite!  It's just not the same, covered in an elixer so it will last on the tree and in your tummy, just not in a good way!

Some folks have themed trees with ornaments linked thematically to each other.

Maybe the ornaments recall family events (births and anniversaries), trips, or family traditions.

Just a few of Grandpa and Grandma's ornaments survive, but they tell a story.  Their story is told now from the eye of the beholder.

We remember seeing the familiar shapes and colors on the tree year after year at their home, so when we see them adorning our tree it keeps the family together at this special time.

One ornament that was lost to time, wear, and tear which I recall was a "cookie" in the shape of a horse.  It was brown with a white icing outline for its mane; an eye and mouth.  It was the decoration I placed on the family tree each year.

There are ornaments for each year a baby was born.

And like those kids, the ornaments take on greater meaning with each passing year.  If one breaks, it's like losing a tangible memory.

Life is in the details.  The tree from the lot, the forest, or the box are a blank canvas.  Each season a new one - of - a - kind edition born for a short time.

We have just a couple more weeks until Christmas,   Time for you to search the box of seasonal treasures one more time to see if you missed an item from your personal time capsule.