Lights on a Timer

Christmas was two days ago.  I hope the spirit and the spark of the season is lasting longer than the wrapping paper did Christmas morning.

Freezing rain in the forecast prompted me to get an earlier than usual start on taking down the few outside lights around our place.

They are now safe and sound and put away for 11 months or so until it's time for them to take center stage again

Looking at lights other folks are responsible for putting up and taking down stays fun for a longer time.

Here in Madison, there is an annual dusk to dawn display near the isthmus in Olin Park.  It's easy to find, just north of the Beltline just off John Nolen Drive.

The Electric Group is the main driver behind this drive thru light display.  Most, if not all, of the local electric contractors and workers have been organizing it here for 26 years now.

You still have a little time to catch it.  The lights stay on for one more week, closing January 3rd.

Christmas night we made our trip through the lights.  A lot of other folks had the same idea.

The park is on the shores of Lake Monona with a pretty view of the State Capitol.

One of the light displays is a miniature version of the Capitol.  It sits just off the lane in the foreground with the actual capitol looming behind it.

There are light displays in motion, like Bucky Badger juggling jolts of electricity.  And a fighter jet which looks fast standing still.  A bulldozer constantly clears the same piece of land, and a half dozen Christmas trees dance in time with the music on their radio station you can tune in on your light drive.

A donation is accepted, and volunteers hand out candy canes to each car.  It's a good trip for your last dose of Christmas lights.