Give the Gift of Blood

While not every pint fits all, only type O does that, it is a life-preserving gift when socks and underwear just won't do.

Whether you like to give through the American Red Cross, a Blood Center, or some other organization which collects blood donations from donors... it is an important gift all year long and is especially needed during winter.

Here in the upper Midwest we've had a warmer than usual winter and only one snowfall to count so far.

But there are and will be sections of the United States impacted by bad weather and poor weather conditions generally reduce blood donations.

Instead of worrying about the credit card bill arriving several weeks down the line; a gift of blood leaves you feeling good about the opportunity to help somebody else when they need it.

Friday morning, the phlebotomist who drew my blood, Angie, was fantastic.  Although I've been giving blood for a while, the needle stick isn't an experience I cherish.

She told me to look away and I felt a distinct scratch.  That was it and the blood was flowing.

If there is pain, it usually subsides pretty quick once the blood starts flowing.  And the pain goes away fast; the good feeling you get from giving blood lasts much, much longer.

If you're eligible, please consider making an appointment today to give some of your blood.

American Red Cross or a Blood Center locations can be found here - make an appointment, give it a try, you'll be glad you did.

And, unlike that ugly sweater you want to give your sibling... you won't worry about anyone making a return!