Dreaming of a....

So far all of our snow came a week before Thanksgiving and went home with the guests a week later.

Which means we are snowless.

In a week it's Christmas Eve.  I think it's safe to say virtually everyone wants a white Christmas.

There are a few folks specific enough to ask for a white Christmas followed by a warm up.

We had non-white Christmases while in Indy, but since our return to Wisconsin there has been snow.  At least some of it, although upon further review I guess it was a green Christmas in '14.  I hope we don't make it two straight.

This year, El Nino swept the snow farther north and rained on our parade.

We had so much rain a few days ago, that had the temp been around 20 degrees cooler, we would have enjoyed 10+ inches of white.

The long range prediction is maybe a dusting for St. Nick's sleigh.

A dusting is better than nothing, meanwhile I hope you join me in dreaming of a White Christmas.