Act of Kindness Challenge

Yesterday I was in a comic book store. 

No, that's not the blog topic - although it's a rare  event which might deserve some thoughts at some point - but it was the setting for something unexpected.

Not being familiar with the lay of the land, I stopped at the counter for help locating the items I came to purchase. 

The gentleman behind the counter, who I believe was the owner, asked a couple of questions so he could better serve me then led me to the shelves and pointed out the items I was after.

On my way back to the register to pay I noticed a young man.  My guess is he was around 10 years old.

We were approaching the counter about the same time and he was a little ahead of me, so I slowed down.   Which is when he looked at me and asked me to go first.

How nice!  I said thanks, paid for my item and left the store.

I continued my shopping in another store when I saw him in line ahead of me with a woman I guessed to be his mom.

Let me tell you, it made my day to interrupt his mom and tell her about his kind act of politeness.

As parents, we like hearing things like that about our kids and this mom was no exception.  In fact she apparently waited in her car outside the store to thank me for sharing it with her.

We're generally conditioned to react to negative stimuli; so if you notice something nice or receive a gesture of kindness, say thanks. If you get an opportunity to tell the parent, you will experience a moment of joy to last your whole day.

Merry Christmas!