A Family Christmas Card

Dear Friends and Family,

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

We and ours are doing quite well, thank you.

Little Joey is glad to report after graduating college 24 months after he started, he is on a fast track in the lab to cure the scourge of meat allergies and acne in middle aged men.

Tammy is only a few months from finishing high school.  She is so selfless she is actually giving up her status of salutatorian to a 'C' student.  So far she hasn't chosen a college, but will soon decide whether she wants to attend Harvard, Drake, or Directional State University.

We are just returning to work after taking off the month of November so we could dedicate our time to completing our holiday decorations.

It took a full week to train partridges, lords, ladies, and french hens for the live performance in the front yard around the Pear tree.

During weeks two, three, and four we sculptured the hedge of arborvitae into a living nativity scene complete with a heavenly chorus woven out of organic fibers hung between two oak trees.  Let me tell you, those cherubs are a real bear to make.

In an effort to make this year's holiday more old school, we spent extra time trimming branches and tearing needles off the 7 foot fir until it looked just like Charlie Brown's tree.  We keep it in the living room window next to the leg lamp.  

The owl tree sits in the family room.

We've decided to reduce this year's Christmas Eve party - the symphony can't make it, so we're just using a chamber orchestra.  We hope that doesn't disappoint.

So, it's another same ol' holiday at our house - we look forward to hearing about your 2015.

Anthony (Tony), Cleopatra, Tammy, and  Joey Jones

P.S. Wrote no one ever!  If they did, they shouldn't mail the cards.