1,200 times.

Since July, 2012 and every day since January 3, 2013 I've tried to offer something in this space.

You are kind enough to pay attention and read (or scan) the blog to see if it tickles your fancy; makes you think; or creates a smile.

Love shown by your encouragement and by frequent visits to this site, has helped me get out and seek blog topics.

I'll admit it is a bit outlandish to make all those restaurant visits and reviews into some attempt at public service - but as many are apt to say, "it is what it is."

Just in case you might wonder... no planning went into this in terms of the timing, but I rather like the fact that the 1200th blog is appearing on 12 12 2015.

My!  We're just 12 days from Christmas Eve too, while we're checking the calendar, so I hope you are making progress on your Christmas list.

Ah, that sounds like an idea for blog 1,201!