Short Weeks

Have you noticed the commuter traffic is a little lighter this week?

Yesterday morning on the way to work there were a lot fewer cars on the road.  I got to work sooner than expected!  It threw off my whole day.

This is one of those weeks where the holiday creeps into the work calendar.

Maybe it's an office party or someone brings in homemade treats to share.  We used to have a rule in the last place I worked that holiday food brought in to share was "calorie-free."

Just in case you're wondering - making the declaration didn't seem to change the calorie count, but it was more fun devouring the treats.

It's already Tuesday which is "hump day" in a short week.  Tomorrow is "Friday."  How cool is that?

Unless of course, you need to return to work the day after Thanksgiving which gives you a bonus Monday.

Worst of all, you may work on Thanksgiving!

In younger days and during my time working in news - I worked a number of Thanksgivings.  Unless there was breaking news requiring a fix - it entailed a nice feature on a family Turkey Bowl touch football game or story about a community meal.

Around these parts the disappearing cars could have something to do with gun deer season.  When we lived in a small town up north, we could hear rifle shots on opening day.

If you're working this week - I hope it's been a good one for you.  Sprinkled with some treats or a special lunch away from the office.

Three (or four) days of work is also a good time to say "thanks" for your job.  Without one, vacations aren't near as much fun.