Presidential Countdown

There are 1,326 candidates for President according to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Not all are serious candidates.  Earl "The Prophet" Trippycup is a candidate for the Federalist Party.  I know Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist.  I'm a little light on knowledge about Mr. Trippycup.

One year from now we will vote for the next President.  Can you wait that long?

Maybe you are adopting the concept of letting the candidates fight it out for the nomination and then tune in to hear what they say.

Just in case you are wondering about the number and worrying inside - you won't have hundreds of pages to wade through at the ballot box next year.  In 2012, Wisconsin had four candidates on the ballot representing the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Green parties.  Also receiving votes as write-ins were candidates for the Constitution, Socialist Equality, Socialism and Liberation, Justice, and Peace and Freedom parties.

The Peace and Freedom candidate, Roseanne Barr received 88 votes.

So far, there are fragments of what some current candidates are saying which makes sense to me.  I'm unsure though, if elected, if any of the good ideas have the chance of a snowball in the middle of July.

The recent elevation of Representative Paul Ryan to Speaker of the House may prove interesting in our political future.  Ryan graduated from Janesville Craig High School 7 years after I did.  An older brother of his was a teammate on the Cross Country team my senior year.

Again, actions speak louder than words - but I appreciate Ryan's words so far.  He has an agenda, to be sure, but is speaking more like a leader than ideologue.  The only way we can get out of our mess is to work together and reach decisions for the good of our country based on open debate and compromise.

Can't say I'm very hopeful that our better natures will prevail, but the best hope is an involved and informed constituency.  Otherwise, we may get Sir Cookie Zealot running things.... I hope he likes chocolate chip cookies!