Packers Memo - Too Little, Too Late

The score 37 - 29 makes it sound like a close game.

The Packers finally climbed back into it in the fourth quarter, but came up short on fourth down with an open, but unseen, receiver.  Aaron Rodgers was sacked.

Green Bay had the ball one more time deep in their territory and no "Hail Mary" was to be answered for them.

The six straight wins to open the season feel like ancient history now, clouded by two ugly defeats on the road.

After a humiliating defeat to Denver last Sunday night, I expected to see steam coming out of the earholes of the players in Green and Gold.

Give credit to Carolina.  They moved the ball seemingly at will and the Panther defense controlled the Packer offense except for one nice drive to put Green Bay on the board.

Packer defenders were caught on camera arguing after a poor defensive series.  I attribute that to the frustration of a game gone bad, not bad blood.   I figure if I'm frustrated about the way the game is going, the players must be really ticked.

The silver lining may be the Packer offense got moving in the fourth quarter.  Aaron threw 4 touchdowns on the day - 3 in the second half.  A rookie defensive back made a crucial interception deep in Carolina territory which gave the team hope.

There are no moral victories in the N.F.L.

They're 6 and 2 with half the season to go.  It would feel better if not for 2 straight losses.  It'd be advisable not to lose 3 straight.

After a somber plane trip home, Green Bay can prepare a welcoming party for the Detroit Lions who have been invited to play next Sunday at noon.

I don't think the Lions will get a warm welcome.  Detroit hasn't won in Lambeau since 1991 - that's a streak which better continue.

If not, I'm afraid for the mental health of Packer Nation.