Packer Memo: Streak Over - Streak Goes on

Detroit hadn't take a W back home with them in more than a generation - 24 years ago.

It was the longest road losing streak in NFL history.

Of more concern here in Packer country is a three game losing streak.  The last time the Pack lost three in a row, Aaron Rodgers was on the sideline because of a broken collar bone.

Yesterday's loss feel like a punch to the gut.

Or lower.

Las Vegas, the "experts," and Packer fans everywhere (probably a bunch of Lions fans too) expected Green Bay to win.  Easily.

Instead, the offense seemed to leave whatever mojo it has left this year back in the locker room.

The defense overall played a much better game than the last three games - but it wasn't enough.

Like last week's loss to Carolina, the Packer offense started to move the ball in the second half - but waited until the fourth quarter this week.  Remarkably, they scored a touchdown with just over 30 seconds left.

More incredible, the Detroit kicker missed two point after conversions so instead of leading 20 - 16 it was 16 - 18 when the Packers lined up for a two point conversion to tie the game.  Incomplete pass. The only hope left was an onside kick.

It worked!  The ball bounced off a Lion into a Packer covering the kick.  First down inside the 50 and a field goal wins the game.

The Pack manages to move inside the 40 yard line of Detroit and sent kicker Mason Crosby in to win it with 5 seconds left.

I'm not sure what happened next.  It didn't appear to be blocked, so maybe it was a mis-hit.  Either way the ball never had a chance at reaching the goal posts.  Game over.

The losses to Denver and Carolina were to better teams.  Detroit managed to win, so they were better on Sunday, but are in no way the better team.

At times the lack of offense made me think of earlier and uglier days watching Packer football.

I'll repeat the message of the last two Packer Memos:  It's no time to panic.

We play at Minnesota in their temporary outdoor facility next Sunday, needing a win to catch up in the NFC North standings.

It's not time to panic, but it's getting closer.

There are smart football minds and good players in the Lambeau locker room - I hope to watch them next Sunday take the field against the Vikings.

Go Pack!