Max's Farm Table

It's a new place in Middleton, which after reading a review in the Wisconsin State Journal, was intriguing enough to check out.

Max's Farm Table is an elegant, casual space bustling on a Friday evening.

A menu featuring burgers, pizza, and a few sandwiches along with the Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry tempted me with their signature burger.

Max's beef is grass-fed grown on a family farm and the buns are made at Stella's Bakery, which is also part of the family business.

Just beautiful in its simplicity, the Stella Burger is a mini cheeseburger on a bun of Stella's Spicy Cheese Bread with lettuce and tomato.

Accompanied with a side of fries (not included with the burger), it was a wonderful meal and much more tasty.  It's well above average.

The place is most enjoyable and will be on our "must return" list.

Max's just opened at the end of September, but has a few things to sort out.

One quirk is their service.  Our visit was self-service seating.  And self-service ordering. There are menus at the table, but ordering meant a trip to the bar on the second floor or the counter on the first. They took a name and provided a little name plate so they could deliver the food to the table.

Servers wandered the restaurant looking to match food with their diner. That seemed to work fine.

At the end of the meal though, there was no check to pay and no apparent way to get one.

I went up to the bar to ask for ours and after looking up our name they found and printed it.

My guess is Max's will soon have servers to take and deliver orders as well as take care of payment at evening's end.

For a place with as much potential as this; it would be a good next step.

Updated 4/10/16 - Max's Farm Table closed March 30, 2016.