Into the Library!

There is a show on Sunday nights that calls to mind the serials movie theaters put on their screens every week.

The Librarians TV program started as a trilogy of three movies in 2004 surrounding a library and the knowledge held within.

All the knowledge is a powerful thing, which is why "Librarians" would be chosen to guard and steward it.

Inside the knowledge there is an element of magic - the idea of solutions to problems which can be found with books.

The second season of the TV series started last Sunday and continues tonight on TNT

It's a fun and campy adventure through a fantasy land as a group of nerdy brainiacs work together to prevent the fantastic bad guys from wreaking havoc.

The team, led by a librarian played by Noah Wylie (perhaps you can recall him as a young doctor in E.R.) uses logic and research to find clues to foil the week's villain.

You don't have to see the movies first to enjoy the series - and you don't have to know all the stories, myths, and legends to follow the story.

But just maybe, it will inspire you to crack open your own book to release it's magic.