First Snow

It blew in quickly to leave the landscape covered in snow.

Here in the Madison area we ended up with 4-5 inches on the ground.

About 30 miles south, along the Wisconsin and Illinois state line they were buried under significantly more.  Upwards of 10 inches was dropped on them.

Yes, that's jealousy writing.

While it's the first snow, it isn't staying.  The forecast calls for a high near 50 on Thanksgiving which will melt this stuff faster than a wicked witch in a rainstorm.

It was a heavy, wet snow.  I grabbed a shovel to clear off several feet of sidewalk and was surprised how much it weighed.

A heavy coat of snow under overcast skies looks like a black and white photograph.

The shots included in the blog are shown in "full" color with no alterations.

After brushing off the car it was a quiet adventure taking pictures in an area just off the Military Ridge Bike trail.

Most of the year the spot attracts attention because a babbling brook feeds into a small stream.  The sound of riffling water is cooling on a summer's day.  In winter it's the sound of life refusing to freeze and shut down.

Joining neighbors on the road after the season's first snow is always interesting.  I counted three spin-outs in just a five mile drive up to Madison.

It seems some drivers think sitting behind the wheel of an S.U.V. carries with it an invincible quality - an immunity to crashes.  Sadly, it doesn't.

Looking at speed limit signs for guidance on how to drive snow-covered roads is a fool's errand.  S-l-o-w  d-o-w-n!

We've enjoyed a warm autumn, so this snowball to the face is a wake-up of weather soon to come. The kids sledding hills seemed to enjoy it.  Deer hunters appreciated being able to track their game.

And, with Thanksgiving just a few days away a cover of snow seems to justify all the Christmas holiday music I've been hearing lately.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves; enjoy the snow!