Feeding Our Neighbors

Hunger is a concern every day.

Those of us who don't really worry about being hungry might wonder what we're going to eat, but are confident we will have access to food when we're hungry.

As the holidays get close and our families prepare to celebrate by gathering family and friends around a magnificent table, we know some neighbors may not have the same opportunity.

So, we'll buy a bag of groceries to help "stuff - a - semi" to make sure there is food on our neighbors' tables.

My one bag of groceries isn't stuffing a semi.  Yours won't either.

Just one bag at a time, however, we can make a dent by stacking non-perishables into food pantries.  Here in Madison, the big food pantry is known as Second Harvest.

One of the annual efforts on Madison's west side involves Metcalfe's Grocery in the West Towne Mall - members of the the WMTV news team publicize the effort and are on hand to thank those who drop off much - needed food.

Many years ago, we were on the receiving end of a holiday delivery of food.  It was unexpected and most appreciated.

I never thought my family would need help putting food on the table. We did for Christmas in 1992.

We were receiving food stamps and W-I-C.  It put food on the table, but not holiday or celebratory food.  Which is why the afternoon we received bags of food for the holiday was a special one.

Please consider gathering some nice food from your cupboard or buying some nice items for somebody else's holiday table.

You might talk about it before your next trip to the grocery store, thinking about a family like yours sitting at their empty kitchen table.

What would you like to place before them?  A turkey (which you really can't buy, but you can give a cash gift for the pantry's purchase), side dishes, spaghetti, and a special dessert.

There are many times I've felt like I was real hungry.  Starving, even.  But I found food to eat.

Without your help, some of our neighbors won't have food fit for a celebration.

With your help, you bring the spirit of the season.

In addition to the food, what you'll really put around the table, are smiles.