Bacon and Eggs

I'm not usually an "egg guy" when it comes to breakfast.

No reason for this eggsactly.  I like things made with eggs.  I'll get scrambled eggs when attending a function for work that includes breakfast.  But otherwise, I just don't order them.

There was a time eggs were thought to be bad for you.  Then the "conventional wisdom changed.

Now a study indicates red meat - including bacon - could be as dangerous as smoking.

Well, the study didn't really equate smoking and having a slice of bacon; but too much of the red meat could put too many nitrates in our system.

I haven't read the actual study and have no idea about the science.

Something is going to kill each of us.  Cancer can seemingly be linked to any number of potential causes.

Sunlight.  Cigarettes.  Bad genes.  Bacon.

I believe we should be careful; be aware of warnings; and do things in moderation.

A steady diet of bacon is probably not good for us.  Beside the nitrates, the cholesterol and the calories could kill us!

But a couple slices of bacon and some scrambled eggs - like the breakfast I enjoyed at the Hubbard Avenue Diner the other day - are just fine.

And this particular breakfast, was very good, indeed!