Did you "spring" ahead before you went to bed last night?

If you forgot, then you might think it's an hour later than it is.

The start of Daylight Savings Time takes an hour of daylight from the morning and moves it into the evening.

Cows don't like it, or maybe it's just the dairy farmers.

I suspect the cows don't care - but the farmers want to continue milking the same time of day and make the change.  Farmers told me it takes several weeks before the cows adapt to the new hours.

While even the length of hours changed throughout the year in ancient Rome; it wasn't until 1895 when a New Zealand entomologist wrote a paper proposing a two hour shift of time.

While different reasons for the move were offered, most boil down to convenience and the opportunity for more outdoor leisure time in the evening after work.

In the various places we have lived, we've experienced different ends of the time spectrum.

Out in Pierre, South Dakota we were practically on the line dividing Central - the sun is up today at 8:05.  Back in Indianapolis, it's up at 8:06. While here in Cheeseland, the sun is getting up at 7:21 this morning.

The time change that kept it dark until nearly 8am was a bit depressing - I'm a big fan of early sunrises.  There's something about seeing the big red disc rise in the east.

So, for another month here, the sunrise backs up a little while the clock goes forward.

After the winter we've "enjoyed" this season, having a little more light on the drive home will serve to lift our spirits.

This year - that is enough on it's own to make the appearance of Daylight Savings Time a real winner.