You Will Miss This!

Most of us, right now, would not believe we will miss this winter.  The epic cold streak.  The large piles of snow.

Just wait, we thought, back a few weeks ago when ten degrees above zero constituted a warm day... there is no way we'll complain when July brings temperatures into the 90s.

If anything applies to weather, it's that short memories rule.  Whatever the level of climatological misery, we hope to have the exact opposite.

Late summer heat and humidity makes us think a crisp, cool, snow covered day would be the antidote to the Dog Days of summer and get us out of our doldrums.

Yellow rays of sunshine warm us now, but will make us sweat in five months.

Is this a case of never being satisfied? 

A real-short attention span (think of the dog in the movie, Up)?

There are no roses for you to smell outside today in the Midwest section of the United States, so go out and smell the snowflakes.

Pay attention to the designs worn into the tops of snow banks and the stalactites of ice hanging from our roofs.

Notice the feel of the car as the back of it slides into place so you can drive forward instead of sideways.

See the trails left in the snow by deer, rabbits, and others traveling unseen paths.

Listen to the quiet that comes with snow.

Make a snowball.

Make a snowman.

Take a mental picture.  Take a real picture.  Take in through all your senses the wonder and beauty of winter.

It will be gone soon, and you will miss it.

Doubt it?

Just wait, one of the summer blogs will undoubtedly touch on slogging through the crazy, hazy days of summer.