The XLVIIIth Big One

Those expecting a blowout game were right, but all the experts I heard predicting an overwhelming victory had the Denver Broncos getting the victory in that case.

Seattle needed a quick start to get ahead and play with the lead, and that's exactly what happened... sending a large snowball rolling down the Rockies and right through Denver.

2-0; 5-0; 8-0; 15-0; 23-0 and then a second half opening kick-off return of 87 yards by Percy Harvin dealt an effective dagger into the Bronco hopes.

The Seahawks take a championship back home with a 43 - 8 win.  Congratulations!  Four Badgers on the team:  Russell Wilson, O'Brien Schofield, ChrisMaragos, and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.  The other Badger in the game, Monte Ball, suffered another big game loss - but had a great season.

My team has always been the Packers, but way back in 1976 when they and Tampa joined the NFL as expansion teams I found myself pulling for the new AFC team far, far away.

In 1981, Dave Krieg became their starting quarterback.  A kid from the state of Wisconsin, he played ball for Milton College.  A very small college NAIA school that went out of business in 1982.

In 1988, a man from Monroe, Wisconsin who grew up there and became a successful businessman - Ken Behring - bought the team.  While working at WISC-TV, I saw the team plane at the Rock County Airport with the Seattle logo on it parked on the tarmac while he attended a high school class reunion.

That's it.  That's my connection and reason for following Seattle.  If you talk to other Badger fans, you'll find that Russell Wilson made a huge impression on the Badger fans during his one season in Madison and earned life-time fans our of the whole lot of us.  A very mature gentleman and great Christian witness in words and action.  It's easy to be happy for him and his success.

I was pleasantly surprised by the half-time show.  I wouldn't know Bruno Mars if he passed me on the street, but I did recognize a couple of his hits and I thought the music and show was better than what I've seen the last couple of years.  Of course, I'm no longer in the demographic they are looking to entertain, but still have to say I liked the show.

For the broadcast itself, today you will find all kinds of lists ranking the top commercials of the broadcast, so here's my list of favorites:

Coca-Cola - My favorite spot - with the peewee football team and the player who recovers a turnover and runs for the end zone, all the way in Lambeau Field.  It's a heart-warming commercial to start with, and including the home of the Pack makes it number one on my list.

Coca-Cola - #Americaisbeautiful is perfect.  It reminds me of their commercial of a long, long time ago - "I'd like to teach the world to sing" from the 1970s.  A great way to combine their product with the heart of the American ideal.

Budweiser -The Budweiser folks know how to make commercials, and the returning U.S. vet and the warm welcome tugged my heart.

Microsoft - Steve Gleason played for the New Orleans Saints and now is battling A.L.S. Instead of technology for the sake of technology - this demonstrated the human difference it can make in our lives.

Chrysler - Bob Dylan doesn't make TV spots- making this one all the more compelling.  It follows up the Imported from Detroit ads quite well and builds their brand.

Comedians in Cars drinking Coffee -If you haven't yet checked out Jerry Seinfeld's web series you should.  The reprise of Seinfeld made me laugh, but seeing them drive an AMC Pacer - a car I drove my last year of college was the topper - a rolling fish bowl.

Budweiser -The story of the Labrador Retriever and a Clydesdale was nice and heart-warming, but not at the top of my list.  Placed near the end of a lopsided game hurt the impact.

Heinz -Maybe the ketchup maker is going back to glass bottles... in any case, if you're happy and you know it you know what to do.

Honda - Bruce Willis talking to the camera was surprisingly effective in sharing how important safety is to each of us who drive.

Toyota -I've always loved the Muppets; especially Animal, Dr. Teeth and the band.  It was nice to see Kermit out watering the flowers, but shouldn't he be growing Lillies in a pond?

Chevy - This ad was warm and connected the tough truck to a much softer and more gentle subject - fighting cancer.  It might not make me buy a truck, but generated good feelings.

Also worth mentioning:  Maserati's ad first out of the box was an eye-catcher since as far as I know it may have been their first ever national TV ad for the high-end car maker.  When I was volunteering for the Indianapolis Super Bowl I saw a Maserati on the street in front of me - it looked fast even when it was stopped at a light.  The ad, however, was confusing - who knew what it was about until the billboard slide at the end?

The Goldilocks with Ellen for the new Beats Audio system was nice and will wear well with additional viewings.  

WeatherTech makes floor mats here in the United States - that's great - I guess I should buy them.

Pistachios two short 15 second ads with Stephen Colbert... I loved them, but not sure why.

Chobani yogurt appeals to Grizzly bears... good to know.  And the T-Mobil ads with Tim Tebow were eye catching and somewhat amusing... I hope my monthly fee doesn't have to go up to finance the air time.