The Dance

Wednesday, I told you we would miss the winter when it's gone.

I stand by that.

However, spring is a flirt and is starting to tease us.

The high reached the 40s Tuesday.  I saw runners in shorts and t-shirts running on the sidewalk.

Wednesday was relatively warm, but now reality has hit and the temp drops into single digits tonight around here.

A couple warm days makes the cold somehow even colder.

It's weather carnival ride. 

The dance begins.

It will feel warm and scarves, gloves, and hats will be left at home or in the car.

It gets cold again and the thermostat goes up.  We tuck further under the covers uncertain about putting our feet on the cool floor.

There is some promise amidst spring's flirtation.

It is coming and will be here before long.  Before it arrives, expect the dance to continue.