Destination: Somewhere

Some of the best drives in a car or on a bike come when there is no particular place to go.

A right turn.

A left turn.  Another left.  Then another left.

A right turn; and a long straightaway.

Search for a drive-in or a roadside cafe looking for a genuine malt, freshly patted burger, and steamy - slight crisp french fries.

Generally, there is some sense of direction involved and maybe even a vague sense of the location you are looking to find.

But, when you aren't sure the way from point A to point B; it's an adventure to try to get from one spot to the next with a little reckoning and reliance on an internal compass.

Taking off and employing random turns has led me to find quaint country roads; hidden lakes and streams; and small towns worth a return trip.

Of course, some times a ride down an unknown path might mean an unleashed dog charges out to stop your progress.  In that case, reverse course, and try again.

Trust your instincts and take those turns leading you toward the unknown.

You could get where you didn't expect, and find out the place is the spot you've been searching for all your life.