A Surprise!

Have you had something you had to do, but nervous about the outcome?

It happens more than makes sense to me, but since the last quarter of 2013 I've been more than a little concerned about tax time.

Last year marked the official, legal, and documented changeover to official empty nest status as we stepped away from declaring any children as dependents.

After 26 years of having one of those living and breathing tax deductions around the house - what would it be like without one?

How much more would it cost?   (Could it possibly cost more than having them still under the roof?)

There seemed to be a lot of unknowns in the change.

Was I withholding enough from the paycheck to send the Federal and State government my fair share for the services and protection we enjoy as citizens?

Did we have the records on hand to document the expenses and gifts that qualify as credits or deductions against the amount already paid in to the government?

When you don't know the answers, and are frankly more than a little nervous about the potential outcome - it leads to paralysis.

Finally, earlier this week after getting all the W-2, 5658, 1099, and other documents together I dropped them by Hometown Tax Service for Greg to go over.

I waited for the news.  Nervously.

The call came just a couple days ago.

It brought relief - happiness - joy.  What was I worried about?

Enough was paid in 2013 to more than cover the taxes due - a refund would be sent.


Next time, I'll make sure there is nothing to worry about.