You're Up!

41 years ago today, the American League adopted the Designated Hitter (DH) rule.

Pitchers no longer would have to traipse to the plate and flail away at 95 mile an hour fastballs they couldn't catch in their Porsche.

Instead, a muscle-bound (pre-steroid) hitter would swagger to the dish and gaze at the opposition perched atop the rubber who was hoping for the right sign from the man behind the plate that would keep the sphere from harm's way.

The rule kept players in the game longer.  It's the reason, as a kid, I got to see Henry (Hammerin' Hank) Aaron play for the Milwaukee Brewers as he finished his career in the Beer City where he started it with the Milwaukee Braves in the 1950s.  Aaron couldn't play the field very well by this time, but his eye and his bat could still sting a ball into the green grass.

The National League is considering adopting the same rule these days and having the same rules throughout the Major Leagues.  We'll see about that.  

Usually my DH role comes when a jar is stuck too tight and it's handed my way.  I'm the "designated opener" and I sure feel bad when despite the little tricks I learned on the Cosby Show about opening jars - I still strike out.

Another good role is serving as the "designated driver," of course.  This individual serves their friends by allowing the friends to be served and gets them to their designated homes at the end of the night.  That's a home run accomplishment, for sure.

When there are kids around the house - they can serve as excellent "designated -________" (shovelers, lawn-cutters, trash-haulers, or food tasters). 

Isn't that one of the reason we have kids?  Back in our day, we were the "designated channel-changers" since we were the remote control.

So, in honor of this special occasion, maybe you can designate someone and make them feel special.  Maybe designate them to carry that Christmas tree to the curb or re-arrange the kitchen junk drawer.

Or designate them to tell you jokes or read a story out-loud or dance.

That's up to you, but you are up!