Finding Daylight in a January Thaw

Maybe you haven't noticed in the midst of the snow and cold, but there's more daylight out there.

It's difficult to tell in the morning - sunrise on January 1 in Madison was at 7:29 and it's only moved up to 7:25 today.

Sunset, on the other hand, has backed up from 4:33 to 4:51.  That's a 19 minute addition for the end of our day.

While sunlight in the morning is important to the start of the day; there is something a little deflating about driving home from work in the dark when it is only 4:35.

This week around these parts, that extra bit of daylight has given the folks I'm talking to some relief and consolation in what feels like a long and very cold winter.
Just two days ago, the sun was streaming through my office windows enough to actually heat the room.  It was the first time since October I've needed to roll up my sleeves because of the heat!

These little things help those of us up north survive the cold.

The longer days and a brief venture above freezing gives each of us an opportunity to catch our breath.  We can leave an extra layer of clothing at home for a day or two and imagine the spring that is yet to come.

It may still be two months away, but it's coming.