It's our 29th anniversary today.

10,585 days.

Including seven leap years it's 10,592 days.

Des Moines (where we met and were married) and Osceola, Iowa.

Pierre, South Dakota.

Janesville and Augusta, Wisconsin.

Indianapolis, Indiana.

And back to Wisconsin to Madison.

12 moves.

2 boys. 

Three careers and seven jobs.  Two times "between jobs."

What probably seemed (to some people involved) like endless hours of pro football, college football, major league baseball, college basketball, pro basketball, and a countless variety of sports.

What certainly seemed like millions of yards of fabric, stitches, and quilts.

Holidays and family vacations.

Laughter and tears. 

Joy and anguish.

Forgiveness and love.

There is a very good reason the minister doesn't lay out the road from the altar on your wedding day - the ocean of knowledge would be too overwhelming.

I am very blessed - much more than a nervous 21 year old ever could have imagined standing in front of friends and families at Trinity Lutheran Church in Des Moines 29 years ago today.

Happy Anniversary!