The Indianapolis 500.

500 home runs (25 major league players have reached that level in baseball history).

108 (2012) + 369 (2013) + 23 (this year) = 500

My 500th blog.  Wow - didn't expect to get this far.

Just a couple of times I thought my blog would go the way of so many others in the blogspot universe - where blogs start in a flurry and quickly fall into a very long drought. 

It's been an interesting exercise since the first one on July 21, 2012.  And like the sub-title says - I've enjoyed writing about life, biking, Packers, Badgers, Brewers, and things that captured my attention.

Little things, major events, ballgames, obscure holidays and things that make me go mmmm have all traipsed across the keyboard.

Yet, so far I haven't run out of things to write about (even though some days might prompt you to think I have actually run out of ideas) and find the process of sharing this with you to be an enjoyable outlet.

Yellow rays of sunshine falling across the landscape prompt wonder and imagination and material for many blogs.

Light and heavy topics - sometimes thought-provoking - have taken more time to germinate in my head before blossoming into words and sentences.

I wonder if out of these 500 if even half of them might be suitable for further publication.  In that case, batting .500 would seem like a significant victory.

Jumping off the keys sometimes - flowing like molasses other times when I sit down to write.

My first 500 are now on file. What will the next 500 bring?  There's the off-year election, including choosing a new Governor in Wisconsin.  There are games with Badgers,Brewers,and Packers.  Bike rides, cafes, and shows to describe.  And there are silly little "holidays" just strange enough to write about...someday... during the next 500 blogs.

I hope you enjoy the journey.