Packers Win! I'm worn out!!

I didn't play - I wasn't even outside - but it feels like I was for the three and a half hour game.  Whew!

The Packers got several breaks early after some mistakes.  Then seemed to let some second opportunities in the second stanza get by them.

It was good to have #12 back on the field, and despite a couple of interceptions it was clear the team was much better with him on the field.

The Bears played well on their home field.  They defended the run better than expected, and they handled the botched calls well and persevered.

It wasn't a game Coach Lombardi would have been happy with in terms of the defense, but he would have liked the spirit and moxie on display.

Three times on the final Packer drive that bled five minutes from the game clock, the Pack converted a fourth down into a new set of downs - the last time a 4th and 7 turned into a score with a brilliant pass from Aaron Rodgers to just back from a broken leg, Randall Cobb.

Lombardi and Halas or Halas and Lambeau didn't have too many games that looked like this one - but the intensity of a winner moves on, loser goes home makes it a worthy game for the scrapbook.

The second half wore me out... wondering if our defense could rise to the occasion and why some plays weren't being called and others were.  But, mostly I enjoyed it.  Yes, I would write the same thing had the Bears ended up with the "W."

The past seven games the starting quarterback has been waiting for the most watched collarbone in Wisconsin to heal.

After taking and surviving some early hits in the game, he seemed to gain confidence and was more willing to play his game, and at that point I thought if the clock didn't get to triple zeros too soon... then we had a chance.

Welcome back, Aaron and Randall, and thanks for a hard-fought victory to the rest of the Packers.

Next weekend, the 49ers come into Lambeau for a Wildcard Round playoff game on our tundra... let's go get 'em Pack!