Packers v Bears

In the late July days of training camp, every player on the Packers would sign up (including Mason Crosby #2) for a one game showdown to qualify for the NFL post-season.

That happens today, as Green Bay marches into Soldier Field to take on their long-time and bitter rival Chicago Bears for the National Football Conference North Division title and a spot in the playoffs.

Adding to the stakes... the return of #12.  Aaron Rodgers left Lambeau Field after getting crunched to the ground like an empty beer can.  Today, he walks on to the dirt, grass, and paint in the Bear's den to exact some payback.

Temperatures will be about 50 degrees colder than those days when kids jogged beside bikes on the way to practice.

Hopes and visions of glory became a hard-fought reality of injuries, narrow defeats, and deflating developments.  Still, the team has an opportunity to make the playoffs.

I'll admit - the current edition of Packers on the field don't appear to be world-beaters - but making the post-season provides an opportunity to surprise and achieve dreams.

As many playoffs as the team has been in, it is still a struggle to make it.  A pronounced battle that boils down to this last contest.  Packers - Bears.  Small town - Big city.  Four Super Bowl Wins - One.

Win and you are in and get to host a team next week.  Lose and go home to lick your wounds and start preparing for next season.   It all comes down to this.... LET'S GO PACK!