Five Days til Christmas...

Maybe you have everything done.  Presents bought, wrapped, and tucked under the tree (which is lit and decorated).

Just a few of us, though, prefer to wait for just the right moment to find that perfect gift.

It was a couple years ago, I was looking for a particular item advertised a lot on TV that I knew a special someone would love.

Lolly-gagging and taking my time tracking one down, I walked into the Walgreen's less than a week before the big day looking for the perfect gift.

Yech... the store was out of stock.  It was almost five pm.  A clerk called nearby stores and found a place with several in stock.   Hurray!

My bacon being safely pulled from the fire was a relief, but I would strongly recommend not waiting quite so long.

Waiting to shop doesn't mean we don't take the responsibility seriously.  Sometimes, it just means we need the mental focus and adrenalin rush brought by being up against a deadline. It might mean we are still trying to figure out what the right gift is for those special people.

At least that's what I'm telling myself these days - good thing there are five shopping days left until Christmas!

I"m going to get my shopping done tonight and tomorrow!