A Last Weekend

It's the 52nd and final weekend of the year. 

Where did they go?  What did I do with them?

Many times, there were bike rides and breakfasts in diners or cafes. 

Junkets were replaced sometimes with trips and days invested in front of the TV to watch the Badgers or Packers play.

I spent a lot of weekend time watching movies with family or reading the paper, a book, or magazine.

Low on the list, a couple of times (at most), some shopping might have been involved.

Yet there was no grass cutting, raking, or home maintenance on the honey-do list that can frequently accompany weekends.  Where we live, other folks around to handle those chores.

I'm not sure that I lost any weekend... but there were several times during the course of the year that a weekend felt shorter than its normal 48 hours of inventory.

There were many weekends, the majority - I suspect, that involved taking pictures and looking for places at which I could point my camera.  It's fun taking pictures, and I've found this blog gives me an outlet where I might use some of them.  In the new year, I hope to develop a second page to this blog with some of the pictures kept together.

This is the last of 17 weekends this year with regular or playoff Packer football to look forward to watching.  Since Aaron Rodgers is returning - there is hope to extend that pleasure into the first weekend in 2014.

What awaits weekends in 2014?  More running, biking, photography.  More reading and quiet relection. 

There are 52 blank canvases that await - the first one gets to be unveiled next week!