Jonesing for Indiana

After my time with the North Wisconsin District came to a close, I was again in job search mode.

I looked everywhere - Twin Cities, all over Wisconsin, Iowa (specifically Des Moines) - but as phone interviews kept coming up empty I widened my search.

One of the things I learned early on was that phone interviews, at least for me, couldn't me a casual thing.  This time predated Skype, so there wasn't a camera... but doing a job interview on the phone wearing shorts and a t-shirt just wasn't working for me.  I finally realized that there was a mental impact of not being "in uniform" for the job I was pursuing.

Then in early November, I received a call from Lutheran High School of Indianapolis.  They were looking to fill their position of Development Director.

I was later told that my parents (living north of Indianapolis by this time in Carmel), saw in the church bulletin about the opening.  My mom called the principal and told him the school needed to hire me.  (I didn't hear about this part of the story until well after I started).

Gary offered a phone interview with members of the Board.  I said I could drive down and it would be nice to meet them in person.  (I also learned after the interview that one of the members of the Board was a distant relative on my father's side.)

Thanksgiving Eve, 2005 the President of the Board to offer me the position!  I started December 5.

I was a Saint!