Breakfast at Schubert's Diner in Mt Horeb

The Cinnamon Streusel French Toast beckoned me as I perused the menu at Schubert's Downtown Diner on Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin's Main Street.

It was a combination that sounded interesting and delicious.

It was.  Thick cut homemade bread with a ribbon of sweet and tasty breadcrumbs - butter - and sugar.  I added butter, but left the maple syrup off to the side.

The wonderfully crisp and hearty slices of bacon were the perfect salty compliment to the hearty Saturday morning breakfast made complete with hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

Schubert's is in an old section of Main Street businesses and when we walked in that morning there were some locals solving problems over some strong coffee.  It feels like Mt. Horeb's hometown diner.

It has high ceilings, a classic counter with stools and chalkboards featuring the day's specials.  Once inside, you might forget where you are in time, as the menu wormholes you back to your youth and special trips out to eat with your dad or grandpa.

The diner does its own baking - the french toast just one of many specialties.  The rosettes made it home after the pictures were taken, but the light, delicate, crunchy, sweet delights did not survive the weekend!

Mt. Horeb is a little south and west of Madison, still in Dane County.  It's on Highway 151 and the Military Ridge Bike Trail.  Its Main Street is known as the Trollway because of the trolls you find here.

In the late 1800s, Mt. Horeb was three-quarters Norwegian, and the mythical Scandinavian creatures set up shop around the town.  You will find many of them in the city - some monstrously large and others small enough to ride in a pocket.

Schubert's has been around to see Trolls and presidents... serving up coffee, conversation, and good homemade fare.  I liked the way it felt to grab a seat in one of the old wooden booths and take in the welcome and alluring aroma coming from the kitchen.

Schuberts is a breakfast and lunch place.  On the chalkboard were some interesting looking sandwiches that will get me back.  They do some wonderful twists on the traditional grilled cheese - offering them with Brie or Cheddar with a side of Chutney.

If you haven't been there yet, be sure to add this place to your bucket list of places to eat.  I think it will go on my list a second time, so I don't forget to go back.