Under the Roof

Apple pie.

Two out of three, ain't bad!  (A Chevy was used as the 'official' transportation during pitching changes.)

The Crew fell to the Twins yesterday, but there was fun to be had in Miller Park anyway.  Mostly, because on a rainy day with a high temp of 54 degrees... we were inside.

So, we're two for two in that department - April's game was windier and about 15 degrees colder - both of them games that during the hey-day of Milwaukee County Stadium would have been postponed or at least very, very uncomfortable.

As usual, there are things never before seen at the ballpark.

In the middle innings there was a pigeon behind the home plate cut-out.  It walked (?) or hopped toward the dish for it's time at the plate and headed right at the sight of the umpire.  The man in blue tried to help shoo it along, but the apparently injured bird just kept walking.

I last saw the bird rounding the first base bag just ahead of Jean Segura on his home-run trot. Really.

He missed stepping on the bird.

As sometimes happens with games like this - the highlight was the Sausage race.  While they had a very even start to their sprint - Italian (#3) ran away at the tape.  Polish (#2), Hot Dog (#4), Brat (#1), and Chorizo (#5) followed to the finish.

No day at the ballpark is a bad one - and I'm looking forward to next month's game already - a sure highlight that day is that is its Polish Sausage Bobble Head Day!