Ride to Work Week

Ever since we moved to Madison, I've been planning to ride to work.

The first three months, I lived on campus so it wasn't necessary.

Then, when we moved out to just west of the city - it quickly became November and the onset of winter was quickly upon us.

So, yesterday was the first day to get on the bike for the ride to work.

The top of this hill is my starting point.  Coming down the hill, I was able to negotiate the cracks and small holes safely and hit a top speed of 32... keeping it no faster than that with a couple gentle applications of the brake.  Water from my eyes were streaming across my face as the cool wind seemed intent on being a tear-maker.

5.4 miles later, I was rolling into the Oakwood Campus less than 30 minutes after leaving.  It was a beautiful ride, through bike paths and a tunnel.  There were only a couple of real busy streets, and both were helpfully marked with bike lanes.

The return trip was a bit more of an adventure as hills that you go down, you must go back up.

Afternoon temps were in the upper 80s and with a bit of a side-wind, the uphills weren't too bad.  No speed records were set, but I made it.

There's something different about riding to work - the whole issue with your 'work' clothes and shoes and how to carry lunches and the extra stuff that usually rides in the seat next to you.  That needs to be worked on a bit as I plan to continue this ride.

One of the days I drive each week will mean bringing extra sets of clothes in for the rest of the week.  The shoes are another thing, but there seem to be answers to these minor inconveniences.  Thankfully, Oakwood has a convenient shower facility for it's working riders.

Oh, it's also difficult to stop and purchase a 32 ounce cup of Diet/Mt Dew.  So, just may have to stock that up as well.  A Mt. Dew jersey wouldn't hurt either!

Ride on, ride safe, obey the rules, and share the road!