The next step after graduation?

Get a job.

Mark has been through dozens of interviews so far, phone and face to face, today is a face to face interview as a finalist for a position.

Just a hunch, but my guess is that he is more worried and obsessed with this than I am, but not by much.

I know he's received some great training and mentoring from Ball State profs and the number of 'real-world' experiences the school provided during his years of study.

Later today Mark will take another step in learning which direction the Lord is leading him and where his next home will be in the near future.  The position is a great starting point with an excellent firm where he can use his Bachelor of Science degree with his Risk Management major.

You know, I recall thinking a number of times during a stint 'between jobs' that while I knew God knew the path He had planned for me; I sure would have appreciated a small billboard to let me know too.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for Mark, you may be able to hear him and me when the great news arrives.