It's been nine months since our move to Madison - a lot has happened since then and a lot happened before that date.

Last June, my father passed away after a stroke.

That meant a lot of changes for our whole family, and the next major change is this weekend when Mom returns back to Janesville from where she has made home for the past dozen years or so, in Carmel, Indiana.

She's excited to be returning to Wisconsin and the home where she spent thirty years raising a family, volunteering at church and in the community, and where many treasured friends continue to live.

The move back date is Saturday.  The past four months have been spent packing, down sizing, and preparing for a new home while selling her old one.

In the meantime, our son Mark has been a great help to Grandma and the two were the only part of the Mossner family still in Indiana.  After Friday, Mark is the last one left in the Hoosier State.

It will be nice to welcome her back to her new 'old' home.

Welcome home, Mom.