Military Spouses Day

In 1984, President Reagan named the Friday before Mother's Day as Military Spouses Day.

In addition to owing a world of thanks to our military men and women for their service to their country.  Those men and women would be hard pressed to carry on without the support of husbands and wives back at home.

Not to mention the numbers of boys and girls who dearly love their mommies and daddies who are away from home to serve.

So, it's a good time to pause, while we close in on Mother's Day this weekend, to say thank you to Military Spouses everywhere.

Thanks for pulling double duty as mom and dad for the little ones.  Thank you for persevering through days, weeks, and months without your spouse.

Thank you for your service in support of your country, in supporting your spouse as they do their duty.

My sister is one of those military spouses, who has traveled much of the world from base to base as her husband as gone where Uncle Sam sent him.  Personally, I can't imagine such a life.

Join me today in doffing your hat to these military families, and especially the spouses at home, for their sacrifice and service.

Thank you!