Hey, Bud!

In just a week's time the picked over Crab-apple tree outside my office window went from a barren appearance following an all-you-can-eat feast performed by a bunch of traveling Cedar Wax Wings... and with the first couple of warm days has burst forth with leaves!

The stems of last year's crop still cling to the branches, but not for long.  Soon they will wither and fall to the ground, sure to be recycled into the nest of a bird or chattering chipmunk.

All winter long, the tree just seemed to sit.  Much of the time its branches weighed down with a couple inches of snow.  This week it appears strong; it's branches now reaching heavenward.

The flowers are doing the same thing, following the sun across the sky.

It all happens very quickly, then it's summer and you may not notice as much anymore.  So, before spring completely overtakes you and you miss all the action, stop a moment, listen for the call of the Cardinal; take a look at the flowers popping forth from the ground; and smell the air of spring (at least if you're not allergic) and feel the new season.

Then, if it finally hits you, and you realize it's May and you forgot to deliver a May Basket... do it anyway... your recipient will love it.