First Pitch

It was a first pitch ceremony like none I had ever seen, made memorable by the circumstance and the people doing the pitching.

Before the start of the Memorial Day game between the Twins and Brewers both teams (players and coaches) emptied from the dugout and took their spots along the third and first base lines respectively.

Then 40 VIPs were led around third base to form an arc on the grass on the edge of the infield cutout.

These VIPs were members of active military, Reservists, or members of the National Guard.  The VIPs also included veterans and military dependents.

Each with a baseball in hand.

After a stirring National Anthem led by a Wisconsin member of the military that was joined eagerly by the nearly sold-out crowd, the teams were instructed to get closer to the guests of honor.

It was amazing to watch.  So many players and so many guests - each with their very own ball to throw.

Throw they did, and after the players and coaches caught the ball - a short conversation ensued with the ball returned to it's new owner.

It was a great way to honor all the members of the United States military family.  The sons, daughters, and spouses as well as the Vets and those on active duty were represented and the crowd cheered loud and long.

Nice job Brewers for a wonderfully poignant and elegant presentation that brought honor to all.  It was a magnificent sight.