Bloom Where You Are Planted

Wildflowers have it easy.

There's no fuss, no fertilizer, no special watering schedule.

Not at all.  Somehow, someway, God plants the seeds where they are carried and there they are - sharing their beauty with whomever might pass.

There is something unexpectedly beautiful about a bright yellow flower poking its head up for all to see.

The city gardens, on the other hand, are fretted over for months.  What seeds to purchase, what plants to grow, what color schemes are sought, when should they bloom, and will they cause the wrong allergy for Uncle Gene?

After planting time, then it's time for the gardener to weed, nourish, water, and dead-head (isn't that a fan of a rock group?) to keep the flower going throughout the summer.

Wildflowers are comets - streaking low to the ground and providing flashes of color, light, and awesomeness for a short time.

Both add to the joy of our lives.  Some add the colors to a careful planned canvas while others create a tapestry all their own.

Bask in the beauty of both - observe how you feel about each - and enjoy!

Whichever one you are - whether carefully cultivated through time and space for your current role or surprised as anything you are where you're at - take in the sun, rain, (and fertilizer) that comes your way and share your beauty with the world!