Where Does the Money Go?

A nice thing amidst all of the costs, fees, 'ticket licenses,' and associated costs to college sports it was nice to see the Badger Spring game not actually 'use' the money it made this past Saturday.

Now, once upon a time the Spring Game was a free admission for fans... but that time has passed.

The upside is the Athletic Department charges $5 admission and that money goes to a School in the University.  This year, it was the School of Pharmacy that received somewhere around $62,000 from the game.

That's a drop in the bucket in 'big boy' athletics, but from my perspective in the chase for every George, Abe, and Benjamin - it was nice to be part of something where three of the 'forefathers' could bypass the fun and games division and help bolster some scholarships, research, or new infrastructure for tomorrow's pharmacists.

U-Rah, Wisconsin!