To Your Mark....

Get Set...


Tomorrow morning around 10 - it's time to try the Crazylegs Classic - a 5 mile run from the Capitol to Camp Randall Stadium and it's 50 yard line.

There are no expectations, with the exception of one.

I plan to finish.

The bar is a bit on the low side as this venture is to celebrate a return to health.  The months of January and February I could barely walk, and it's been the last four weeks or so before I could move well enough to run.

So, there is no plan for a P.R. (personal record) in the morning, although I would like to get things done in less than an hour - anything under that will be gravy.

As I run there will be some time to offer thanks to God for healing and the restoration of some power and muscles that had done a bit too much atrophying in the period of recovery.  So, even the discomfort and pain that may come from being a bit out of shape will bring thoughts of thanksgiving.

I'll tell you about it sometime tomorrow - with additional thanks for what is shaping up to be the nicest day Madison's seen so far this spring, highs near 60 and sunshine!